The Three Graces - Acrylic painting


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The Three Graces
Acrylic ink, acrylic paint, found canvas.

About this Painting:
A large part of my art practice is scavenging and regenerating. This painting is an intervention on a found canvas. The canvas had already been painted on, the main feature being three large blobs of colour on a blue background. I added the figurative elements - dancing ladies with the pink bottoms, my version of the three graces, a subject often depicted in art, and historically painted or sculpted by many notable artists. The three graces can refer to Charites, three goddesses of such things as charm, beauty and creativity. Three is my favourite number, and for me, Charites refers to many things of three, not least relating to myths and numerology.

240 x 180mm

Original painting on found painted canvas.
Found wooden frame.

Please note:
Due to the nature of working on recovered items, please bear in mind that my starting point is not always 'box fresh'. This canvas has been previously painted on, and is not in shop-bought, perfect condition. The frame is good and strong, with no warping. The canvas itself has one small and one large pinprick hole in the surface, towards the bottom of the painting. It is not visible unless the canvas is held up to scrutiny under a bright light.