Curiosity Cabinet


Height: 24mm
Width: 24mm
Depth: 98mm

A curiosity cabinet, or 'wunderkammer', containing mudlarking finds from the tidal Thames river in London, Great Britain.

This cabinet contains animal bones, teeth, shells and fossils, and has been curated with the famous quote by Samuel Pepys, 'Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody".

In this collection I have included various teeth, most likely cow and horse, oyster and sea snails, fossils and animal bone. The finds I've chosen for this item were all found on the Thames foreshore, specifically, The City of London by Southwark Bridge, where, in certain areas, the foreshore is completely littered in bones.

"Cows, pigs, sheep and even boar, litter the surface and in some places are washed by the tide into thick, white drifts of shoulder blades, jaws (complete with teeth), ribs and larger limb bones, often with clear butchery marks."
- Thames Discovery Programme

This cabinet can stand as is, on a mantel piece or any flat surface, or hung on wall. Please note it does not come with wall fixings, so is currently without any hooks, screws or attachments. If you can tell me what kind of attachments you would like, or where you might be placing it in your home, I can advise or add wall fixings (at cost price).

Please note that the items in this cabinet are not glued down, and are intended to be handled and investigated. It wouldn't be much of a curiosity cabinet otherwise!

Please bear in mind that I am working with found objects from London's mysterious, tidal Thames. All items have been cleaned and/or sanitised appropriately, however, to keep the unique patina on some items, such as sea glass and coins, I have not used cleaning products such as bleach or rubbing alcohol. If you have any specific enquiries about how the item has been treated, please ask.