Old Father Thames

Recording the liquid history of London's River Thames.


LINK: Research & Writing


Old Father Thames documents my investigations into the liquid history of London's tidal River Thames. As a standard license holder, I am allowed to search the foreshore of the Thames, by eye and also digging up to 3 inches, for long-forgotten treasure of social history.


My favourite items to find are those which carry clues, leading me back to makers, families, organisations and industry. I record my most specialised or rarer finds with the Museum of London, and belong to a mudlark and metal detecting society, called Thames and Field.


Click on the link above and you will find my research and writing on the topic of mudlarking. I'm always asked what my 'best' finds are; personally, I have a soft spot for buttons with makers marks, hand forged tools, and anything that gives me a 'lead' to find out more. However, I suppose my 'best finds', considered so by others, are items like the hand engraved ships dividers, Veronique pilgrim's badge, 17th century tokens, seal matrix, 17th century love tokens...and more.


I get down to the river at least once a week, and try to share as much online as possible.