HAPPYLAND is a collection of drawings, paintings and live art which formed itself between 2010-2012. Live art performances took place in abandoned railways tunnels at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in the bowels of London cells, charnel houses and bawdy gin palaces. Wall art and 3D objects were exhibited at various locations around the UK.


"Illustrations on paper, a vast collection of 3D objects, masks, appropriated images, pen & ink portraits and customised museum boxes stuffed full of broken, psychedelic toys stitch together the imaginary world of Happyland. Marie-Louise invites visitors to meet brain-eating slug-men, jolly, headless ballerinas and a schizophrenic jamboree of clown folk with dubious intentions. Happyland exists in the cracks between dreams and nightmares. A place where north is south of upside down. Best viewed through a child’s eyes! Don’t be frightened, nothing is real."

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