I am a multidisciplinary self-taught artist. I draw, paint, print, collage and collect.


My particular interests are collecting, preservation, memory, mortality, sense of self, and identity. I often following themes of social alienation, personal boundaries, ambiguity and subversion of the 'common sense'. Linear time, the existance of consciousness and self-attributed ritual for protection is of great interest to me. I am overly concerned with collating and categorising, fixating on partitioning the 'collections' of my interests, expressed as an extension of my self, and therefore, my own identity.


As my artistic practice takes shape, alongside the final pieces, I employ long-term, thoroughly documented research as a way of amassing multiple notebooks and journals, which I consider to be as important as final pieces, and sometimes exhibit. My obsession with 'keepsakes' extends to all manner of ephemera, which I always make use of. A large part of my art practice is scavenging and regenerating, in particular bridging mediums of analogue and digital collage.


Any spare time I have I spend on the river Thames, mudlarking. My finds are recorded by the Museum of London.


For press release and full CV including public engagement and curation projects please request by email.

Selected Exhibitions



Moore Plum - Paintings, Music & Things, Stash Gallery at Vout-O-Reenee's,



Imitation Solero - group exhibition curated by Broken Grey Wires, The Soup Kitchen, Manchester.



Suburban English Magick - solo exhibition, live painting & audio installation, CCCA, Coventry.



Silver Linings - group exhibition, curated by The Unseen Emporium/Victoria Tischler, Koppel Project, London, UK.


One Bare Foot Square - group exhibition, curated by Uncooked Culture, Amsterdam Outsider Art Museum, Netherlands.


What Goes On In the Mind - Mental Spaghetti/AIMS group exhibition, Town Hall Gallery, Oxford, UK.


The Mind Machine - Mental Spaghetti group exhibition, Menier Gallery, London, UK.



Mental Spaghetti Roadshow - group exhibition, Studio 3 Arts, London, UK.



New Folk Visionaries - Pack of Wolves group exhibition, E17 Art Trail, London, UK.


2012 - 2013

Once Upon Again - Pack of Wolves group exhibition, Winns Gallery, London.

Also shown at Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, Wales.



H A P P Y L A N D – Sole exhibiting artist at Postcards Festival, Jacksons Lane Theatre, London, UK



Space Made Live - Small Media Large curated group exhibition for West End Festival, Category 'A' Bank Repository, Glasgow, UK.


Selected Performances



Roving Diagnostic Unit - Performance tour with Bobby Baker and Daily Life Ltd, Shuffle Festival, London, UK.

Also performed at William Morris Gallery, London, UK.



The Lights Are On - Live painting and recorded audio performance, group exhibition, Fox Court, London, UK.



Running With Wolves - masked performance tour, Pack of Wolves group exhibition, Fox Court, London, UK.



Mask! - Masked performance and installation, curated by Sarah Ruff, The Old Police Station, London, UK.





Selected Workshops & Teaching



Royal College of Art – Guest lecturer, 'Fr-iction' Visual Comms PHD group


Queen Mary University - Guest lecturer, Creative Arts & Mental Health



Workshop Residency – series of drawing, printing, crafting workshops, Free Space Gallery, London, UK


William Morris Gallery 'Late' - performance for Daily Life Ltd, William Morris Gallery, London, UK


''Diagnostic Portrait of a...' - drawing workshop for Daily Life Ltd, Vestry House Museum, London, UK


The Dragon Café/Mental Fight Club – Panel guest, ReThink Psychiatry



39 Hoe Street - drawing workshops for The Big Draw, London



Bournemouth University – Guest lecturer, 'Mental Health in the Media'


Running with Wolves - Mask-making workshop, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Netherlands.



Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival – Illustration workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland


Published Work


Caterpillar Magazine, Thrill Murray Colouring Book, Middleboop Magazine, Forest Fringe, Big Team Scribble, 69 Love Songs Illustrated


Selected Press


'Creating Happy': About Mental Spaghetti | Laura Barton, The Guardian


The Mind Machine, exhibition Review | Judith McNicol, Raw Vision


The Mind Machine, exhibition Review | Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online


What Goes On In the Mind, exhibition Preview | Oxford Mail


What Goes On In the Mind, exhibition Review | The Oxford Times


What Goes On In the Mind, exhibition review | Deborah Caulfield, Disability Arts Online


Awards & Grants


Grants for the Arts, award by Arts Council England



Inspired by... - group exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum, London